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Yoga Therapy Sessions


Yoga Therapy is a magical, experiential process.

The life of vibrant health, peace, balance, and ease that you desire is a tangible reality that already exists within you. Together, we will create practices, rhythms, and rituals tailored to your unique constitution to help draw forth that reality into your daily experience.

In our process, we will work with: 

  • the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and ether

  • the spiritual technology of Yoga

  • the science of wellness that is Ayurveda

Above all, yoga therapy is a relationship. When working with me, you will enter a sacred space where you can feel safe, seen, and heard. I will hold space for you and for your story, hold up the vision of your highest self--your true nature--and provide support, tools, and encouragement for your journey home to yourself.

Do you want to experience your true nature, find your purpose, and live the life you desire?


Investment: $100 for a 55-minute session

I also offer packages of 5 sessions for $425. (A 15% discount.)

5 sessions is a good amount to budget for to start to see some real progress. If you choose the package, $225 is due on the first appointment, and $200 on the third appointment. Sessions are valid for one year.


Sessions take place at the enchanted space that is Launch Wellness Austin. Located in Southwest Austin, convenient to Mopac and 290/71, and overlooking the wilds of the Greenbelt, it is truly an idyllic setting in which to uncover your truth.


Book A FREE 20-minute Exploration Call With Me!

I can answer your questions about the process of yoga therapy, and we can determine whether we are a good fit for each other. I'd love to have a chance to connect with you!