This is a sacred invitation
to feel your magic


This is the life that I envision for you, for myself, for all of us:



~You know your true nature to be peace, ease, and equanimity.

~You feel at home, safe, and sacred in your body.

~You welcome all aspects of your humanity with curiosity and compassion.

~You are in touch with your deepest desire, and use it as a compass to orient yourself as you make small and big choices in your daily life.

~You tune in to your deep knowing, and trust your own body to hold the wisdom it needs to heal.

~The rituals and rhythms of your days are attuned to those of Nature and the Universe.

~Your self-care practice flows from an understanding of what it means for your system to be in or out of balance.

~You feel empowered to use simple and effective daily gestures to bring yourself back to a state of balance.

~The self-compassion you extend to yourself overflows into love and understanding for the people around you.

You are whole, healthy, and your true nature is peace and ease.  

You don't need to become a new, better version of yourself ~ you need to come home to what is already yours.  And I believe that the way to reclaim this reality is through simple, daily gestures of self-care that affirm your  inherent worth, and support your own authentic expression as it unfolds into the world.


I am a queer, polyamorous, yoga therapist witch living in Austin, TX.  (She/her pronouns.)

I help healers and empaths create safe space in the tender animal of their bodies, so they feel free to fully experience the whole, glorious range their human emotions. I views self-care as a sacred responsibility, and as the source of sustainable healership.

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"Lift the veil that obscures the heart, and there you will find what you are looking for."